Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do residential, or just commercial properties?LandCity2

A: While we generally don’t do residential, we’ll never say no without at least hearing what your needs are!  Fill out our quote form and let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll call you to discuss the job you have in mind for your home or business.


Q: Do you only do big jobs, or will you take small jobs, too?

A: We do jobs of all sizes, both one-time and long-term contracts.


Q: We are a small/non-profit business with a limited budget. How much do your services cost?

A:  Our costs really vary from project to project, but our rates are reasonable, and we count a number of small businesses and non-profit organizations among our current satisfied customers.  We highly recommend you fill out our quote request form, and we’ll discuss options for your job that will fit your budget.


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