You have the need, we have the capability

Whether you need a simple one-time service or ongoing maintenance, LandComm1
Landscaping Powered by AtWork! has the skills to meet your needs. We have Landscape Industry Certified professionals on staff to provide you with affordable, professional, and beautiful landscapes.

Lawn Care:
We offer full-service lawn maintenance, including grass cutting, trimming, edging and lawn treatments that will keep your grass lush and green. We can also plant, thatch and aerate your lawn for year-round beauty.

Flower and Shrub Care
: Let us take care of the boring parts of gardening for you!  We can take care of your weeding and pest control, installing your bark and mulch, even planting and caring for your carefully selected plants, shrubs and flowers. We can even take care of selecting and planting your seasonal color for full service flower garden design and care.

Tree/Shrub Management:
Landscaping Powered by AtWork! is skilled in the complex skills of tree and shrub pruning, thinning, deadwood and full-tree removal, and care.

Complex Grounds Needs:
Our staff has years of experience in more complicated grounds needs such as planting bed cleanup and renovation, greenbelt recovery, and slope and levee management. We can also do full site clean ups to assist in preparing your grounds for spring planting.

Pesticide and Fertilizer Application:
We are a Licensed pesticide applier and experienced in a variety of environmentally-conscious products and methods of effective fertilizer and pesticide application.


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